Cross Platform

The Document Management System (DMS)

For the document management system, mobile client application applications.


Challenges Faced

The challenge was to build fast and lightweight web-based applications for managing and supporting different insurance operations, as well as providing a convenient data analysis tool, including graphical visualization. The development team of Mayora Infotech selected React and Redux as the most appropriate tools for the mission. 

  • Ability to coordinate various workflows on the basis of the regulation of the country.
  • Configurable dashboard.
  • History changes/revisions.
  • In graphs and diagrams, statistics are given.
  • Generating Personalized Reports.
  • Possibility to export PDF, MS Word format reports.
  • Easy mobile access to the information.
  • Single interface for all devices.


Our Approach

Flexibility and high speed, as well as simple and fast support due to the model and architecture chosen, are the key features of this application.


Key Features

  • Ability to attach metadata, such as photographs, pictures, videos, and other forms of media, to documents and tasks.
  • For data exchange, a secure communication channel is used.
  • Usage of machine resources optimally.
  • Protecting local info. The choice of reading data on “ROOT” and “Jailbreak” is omitted.



Application software web client for the document management system. As a result, the development team of Mayora Infotech has developed a software solution for enterprise mobility that provides tight security and high reliability and enables approved users to access all details. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises and businesses, this mobile document management platform could be used effectively.

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