Centered on React and Redux technologies, high-efficient insurance software

Mayora Infotech development team created web-based lightweight applications to handle and support different insurance activities.

Challenges Faced

A document management framework was developed by the Mayora Infotech team, which helps businesses and individuals to coordinate workflows, manage projects, synchronize metadata and other documents. With the support of the Mobile DMS client app, users are able to produce reports on what was planned and achieved in the sector.

  • Flexible interface for consumers.
  • Capability to receive, edit and sync activities.
  • Protecting data.
  • Storage of protected data.
  • Exchanging papers.
  • Receiving current GPS and mission output coordinates for the current position.
  • Formats for reporting: PDF, XML, HTML.
  • Ability to send reports, messages and error information via emails or using the programming interface of the server-side application.
  • Ability to edit journals.
  • Images and schemes to build and edit.


Our Approach

The use of React, Redux and DevTools provided the opportunity to minimize the development time and enhance the product’s quality, as most of the errors could be corrected with the aid of ‘hot reloading’ and ‘time travel’ at the stage of its development. 


The engineers were able to restore the project to its previous state using this method and re-run the corrected code without reloading the entire program. Since the program is built on Redux, the data flows more seamlessly and intuitively between the components of the system, making it easier to maintain the system as a whole and reducing the possibility of other developers mistreating the code. The Node and Express packages can manage a large number of high bandwidth connections simultaneously, as well as build the necessary CRUD functionality in the shortest possible time.


Key Features

  • Due to the design and format of the data insurance industry, the use of MongoDB, as a document-oriented database, was chosen.
  • The centralized framework makes it easy to handle company resources (customers, agents, and goods based on personalized policies).
  • Using the template sets for the insurance workflow process helps a single user to assign permissions and responsibilities stepwise.
  • Depending on various parameters, the Automated System helps to measure both advantages and risks and experience their transition.



A scalable and easy-to-use framework was developed by the Mayora Infotech team to facilitate business process management in the field of various insurance operations processes for example, life insurance purchase and risk control, inspection procedures, risk-focused structure, sales activities of insurance, and other.

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