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The Client’s Business Requisite

The client wanted us to create a music streaming application that could allow its users to create and share playlists of songs. The music app will allow its users to join other users’ playlists and move music files according to their location as well. The customer approached us to create a music streaming app that could load songs from Apple Music, Spotify, etc and expand the capabilities of the app to allow users to interact and share songs with each other.

Challenges Faced

The most common challenge before us was to grasp the core features of the app in terms of code, so that the greatest number of users could adopt and install it. No compromise on the design was involved, so the user interface would cater to all user segments.

The key challenge faced by our coders, however was to settle on a process of creation that would allow the user to move music files over Wifi. We had to build a cross-platform, sensitive app that would operate equally well on all major mobile operating systems, including iOS & Android. 

The other challenges to which we eventually had a solution were to build a permission-based feature to allow user-to-playlist partnerships and to work out a standard ISRC implementation process.

Our Approach

We built a music app that allowed users of our clients to collaborate with each other within a wide range of 50 meters to share songs. We developed an app that would work in two different modes, one of which was offline and one was online. The online mode allows users to pick songs from applications such as Spotify, etc. The offline mode allows users to collaborate over Wi-Fi with playlist developers.

Project Outcome

We designed a user-friendly and efficient user interface that allows users to adapt to the music app quickly. We used our comprehensive Java experience to create a rock-solid backend that made it easy for users to use the app flawlessly. We used the SignalR framework to successfully implement the real-time playlist, which also allowed users to update the app and vote on their choices. And we used the SQL database and .NET to customize the music app. 

Now the users will unite with each other under the same forum after the successful completion of the project to listen and share the songs in real time in offline or online mode. In addition, based on its success, users can now play their songs with the unique feature of upvoting and downvoting.

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