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Customer’s Requirements

With a creative concept for a taxicab app, our client approached us. They were searching for an outsourcing contractor who was not only able to develop the software from the ground up, but also to ensure that it operated on numerous mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Their precise demands included –

  • Greater Transparency – The majority of manually hired cabs provide passengers with a lot of unwanted problems and needless problems. Their fare pricing, for example, is not customer friendly. Our client wanted to make sure that when hiring a taxi, the app would offer more accountability.
  • Faster and Efficient Cab Hiring – It gets too hard sometimes to find a cab just when a person wants it the most. Inconsistency in the availability of manually hired cabs at the time of emergency is a major problem faced by individuals. On the other hand, when they are idle, drivers often find it difficult to find clients. By offering an engaging and easy-to-use means for booking taxis, the client wanted the app to mitigate the problems of both consumers and drivers.

Project Challenges

We had to make sure that all consumer guidelines were followed at each and every turn when creating the app. During the course of the project, some of the problems faced by our developers included

  • The app had to have a user-friendly interface and had to be of interest to both passengers and drivers.
  • We had to include features that enhanced the cab service quality for customers.
  • Auto fare calculation and best route options from the get go had to be sponsored by the app.
  • Auto fare estimation and best route choices had to be funded by the app from the get go.

The Mayora Solution

To ensure that all customer requirements were successfully satisfied, we agreed on a strategy that included the following-

  • Using JSON, we have created the app (JavaScript Object Notation format). This meant that the app could be easily updated and run-on smart phones running various OS platforms such as iOS and Android.
  • The app interface featured a form that had to be completed by the user with information such as pickup location, destination, etc. The application will then automatically look for available cabs in the nearest area using GPS technology.
  • We included a useful feature in which a user could choose what type of cab he/she wanted, including the ability to choose AC or non-AC cabs, car size (mini, sedan), appropriate seating, etc.
  • For more end-user convenience, the app was able to flash the following on the screen-
    • Distance between nearest cab and user
    • Starting and Destination Points on a map
    • Automatically calculated cab charges
  • Within the app, we have integrated a number of payment options, including credit cards, online banking and cash.
  • We included a number of different features within the app, including-
    • Facility to make multiple bookings from the same phone for various locations.
    • The travel timings may be prepared or postponed by users.
    • Cab bookings could be cancelled using the app itself, and in the case of a pre-paid option, money will be immediately refunded to the customer.
    • A service/driver input provision that further leads to improving the service.
    • Useful features aimed at drivers that help them to find customers, generate bills and get optimal suggestions for routes.

The Results

The consumer was able to benefit from the following outcome after successfully completing the production of the app-

  • Our app offers a very powerful cab booking system and can be used equally by cab service providers, travel agencies and individuals from the hospitality industry.
  • For passengers who need cabs at odd hours and at unknown locations, the taxi app is extremely helpful.
  • No more unjust cab charges and full disclosure of bills for customers.
  • Cab drivers are now happy because they do not have to look for passengers; they get more business and also get support in selecting the best route.
  • It gives the passenger, the driver and the operator accountability in the cab hiring process.

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