There are several ways to access Netflix, including on mobile, desktop, and broadband. By mail, it rents Blu-ray discs and DVDs containing licensed content. Streaming and disc rentals would be paid for every month, and users would have unlimited access to streaming.

There are approximately 86 million Netflix subscribers worldwide, including 47 million in the U.S. Netflix has an estimated value of US$ 6.78 billion. Users can access Netflix on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Netflix is available for free download in both the iOS and Android apps.
How can a video streaming service be created? Can Netflix / YouTube or any video streaming app be developed for free? Here in this blog post, we’ll cover how to open up a video streaming app like Netflix or YouTube, along with other vital points.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of services like YouTube and Netflix that offer on-demand video streaming.

Apps like Netflix have various benefits

  1. Netflix’s alternative app lets users stream TV shows and movies instantly, as often as they want, anywhere they want.
  2. With a free trial, users can watch unlimited shows and videos for a month.
  3. There is content synchronization across multiple platforms, so users can begin viewing on one platform, such as mobile, and resume viewing on another, such as the desktop.

Let’s look at some stats concerning streaming services like Netflix.

Netflix statistics:

  1. According to Netflix, 71% of all video-on-demand streams are watched through the company’s app.
  2. Watching videos is now the most common activity a user does each day.
  3. $ 73.9 billion is projected to be the revenue for video services by 2024.
  4. About 114 million homes will have access to Netflix.

How to build a video streaming App like Netflix?

Let’s better understand the differences in costs by going into more detail about what you would need.

Here are some tips to follow for the same.

1. Identify your niche

You need to identify your niche before starting the development process of a video streaming app. You can use video streaming app for more than just movies and TV. Possibly you would like to provide more education that incorporates all categories of how-to videos.

2. Material

Next, you need to decide whether you would like to show content from third parties, your original content, or both at the same time. The external cost of either purchasing content or creating it yourself will apply regardless of which option you choose.

3. Find a company that develops apps

The price of a mobile app will vary quite a bit depending on the developer you are contacting once you finally reach out to them. It will depend on where you live, whether it costs less or more.

Whether you are going with something more straightforward or more complex, it may not be necessary to have as many people on hand. You will generally have a team of about five people on hand.

Even though the front end seems simple, the back end can pose many challenges and requires a team with a solid understanding of building a reliable video streaming app.

4. Ready-made vs. custom

One downside to this approach is its cost. Video streaming app that can be customized entirely may not be necessary complex having, giving you complete control over design and development. As a result, you can provide your users with the exact product they want without settling for something below par.

The integration of 3rd party APIs and integrations into the platform of your video streaming application can also reduce the time and effort spent on development, thereby resulting in lower costs.

You will still be able to customize many parts of the hybrid solution, although some elements will be more limited in how much you can customize them. It may be more expensive to use this, but it is usually cheaper than doing the whole thing from scratch.

You can customize some design elements, but just about everything else is limited. You don’t give your users a memorable experience, but you get the majority of the streaming features you need at a much lower cost.

Ultimately, you must decide which is more important, reducing costs or creating exactly what your customers and users want.

5. The quality of the video

Also, the cost of development is dependent on the service that is used to playback the video. You must choose a high-quality player if you want your users to enjoy your content.

Did you ever experience a slow or grainy mobile app development streaming services? Chances are you’ve stopped using that service. To ensure your users enjoy using your service, you should invest in higher quality with an excellent technical support system.

6. Devices

Your app’s cost will vary based on the number of devices you would like to develop it for. For instance, a single device is considerably cheaper than a five. Developers like SDI offer multiple-device packages that are cost-effective.

7. Methods of payment

A payment gateway service is required so that you can accept payments through your video streaming app. You may want to set the users a monthly subscription, or you may want to have the service free for users. A payment gateway with a fee attached to it must also be established, no matter which option you choose.

8. Maintenance and hosting

It is necessary to host all your videos so the app can stream them; otherwise, it will not work. A cloud infrastructure would be appropriate for this. Maintenance would also be required. The work doesn’t stop there.

Maintaining smooth operation requires complete management. A video streaming application platform’s hosting and maintenance costs are continuous and crucial to its survival.

When creating a streaming platform, you and your entertainment app development company must keep in mind that its architecture is quite complex and will become more so as your business grows.

9. Safety

You should also consider the security of your streaming service when it comes to video content. It is a significant consideration. As again, your cost will depend on what service you choose.

Cyber attack protection is more critical than ever, so you should be willing to pay more to safeguard your business. Security is the one area you have to spend more on to ensure everyone is protected, regardless of whether you choose lower-cost options for other elements.

It would also include setting up cloud infrastructure on any device of your choice and designing, developing, and configuring the cloud infrastructure.
Most mobile app development companies in India provide hosting and maintenance services to ensure that your video streaming app works properly.


Online video platforms must be able to deliver superior performance to be successful. The market for this industry is far from saturated, although there are many great players already. With Netflix, there is no doubt that video on demand has changed forever and that online video streaming app has become limitless.

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