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For businesses, it’s always been no less than an uphill task to differentiate between the two PHP and ASP.NET and choose one for the next project. Are you one of those having a dilemma for the same?, or Not able to select the right technology stack to go forward with? Take rest as we have come to resolve the issue!

However, the question to choose between these two technology stacks arises in front of the developers and entrepreneurs, and the answer most often is that it depends on how much knowledge you possess about these two. But if you go online to know no about, you may find a plethora of answers but not unbiased.

Whether you are on the lookout for being aware of the pros and cons of PHP and ASP.NET or want to explore further queries like popularity, scalability, cost, performance, and so on about these two, in this article, you will have all the answers to your questions. Go through it, and select one which you find suitable for you.

Let’s drill down!

A Brief Intro About PHP

PHP (Hypertext Processor) is a server-side language that has been in the tech arena for more than 25 years and is still the first preference of developers. With the emergence of a new programming language, it comes into the discussion that PHP is going to die, and up to some extent, it is true. As per a report from Stack Overflow, PHP noted a downfall in ranking from 2027 to 2020. However, PHP has slipped its ranking in the list of the most popular programming languages, but even today, it’s the most popular one as it is being used by around 80% of all websites.

Php is designed for website development and comes with multiple open-source tools, libraries, and extensions to provide convenience in web development. Popular websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress, are written in PHP; this is what advocates its usability and popularity. It has a vast community of more than 5million developers worldwide, and the language is constantly growing at a rapid pace. Hire Dedicated PHP Developers from us to serve your purposes and get the best results.

Must Known Facts About ASP.NET

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages developed by Microsoft. It’s not a programming language but a C# based framework with endless great opportunities for web development. PHP, ASP.NET has numerous libraries and development tools that make it more helpful in building robust websites such as dynamic web pages, REST APIs, and so on. ASP.NET is a crucial tool for developers as it enables them to create dynamic, feature-rich, and robust websites as well as web applications using languages such as C# and VB.

There are some differences between these two, such as PHP is open-source and, hence you can use it for free. On the other hand, you have to pay for ASP.NET, a paid website development platform built by Microsoft. This technology is popularly used to build highly secure web apps, and this is why top-notch and user-oriented businesses prefer building their websites using NET. If you are on the lookout for an ASP.NET Development Company, we can be the best suit for your business requirements.

1. Speed and Performances of PHP & ASP.NET

Are you one of those who think that the speed and performance depend on the programming language we select? If yes, you are wrong! For years, there has been a misconception that speed and performance depend on the programming language, but the reality is different. It depends mainly on the code writing methodology, and it may matter to some extent but not wholly.

At this point, we have nothing to compare between these two technology stacks. But if you still want to know which one is better for you, you can go with ASP.NET, as it has the edge over PHP. However, this statement may not be totally correct as there are several websites built on PHP.

2. The popularity of These Two

When it comes to popularity, PHP has more than ASP.NET. If we look at the stats of entire websites, around 8.335% of websites are developed by PHP. At the same time, 2.733% of websites are powered by ASP.NET. Let’s have a look at some more!

  • When we compare the overall websites, PHP has acquired around 78.9% of that, and ASP.NET has around 9.7%.
  • If we see the top 1,000,000 websites list, 77.4% of websites are powered by PHP, and ASP.NET has around 11.5%.
  • In the list of top 100,000 websites, PHP has acquired 72.0%, and only 15.9% of those are built using ASP.NET.
  • Comparing the top 10,000 websites, the popularity of PHP is one step ahead as 66.4% of websites are built over PHP and 18.6% on ASP.NET. This is how popularly PHP is used in the tech arena. There are more facets of it that we have to look at.

2. Scalability of PHP & ASP.NET

Measuring PHP and ASP.NET from a scalability perspective, we have found both equal. At times PHP may be more scalable than ASP.NET, and the next time NET can beat PHP in being more scalable. The scalability of an application depends more on the complexities of the technology, and PHP has fewer learning complexities than ASP.NET.

PHP can be a perfect choice for DIY entrepreneurs. Still, if you are going to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers, you should be more focused on the skill and experience of the developer than selecting a language. Hiring a perfect and dedicated developer can make your website more scalable with any language.

3. Community Support of These Two

PHP is older than ASP.NET; hence, it has more extensive community support than NET. A massive number of community members prefer using PHP, and it can be convenient to find out a community of vetted developers if you select PHP to work with. ASP.NET has a dedicated developer and less community support.

However, both forums have active community support, and no matter which one you select, you will get help from both forums. ASP.NET and PHP have active community forums, and you are likely to get support for your problems.

4. Cost of PHP & ASP.NET

For anyone, the cost of ASP.NET development services or PHP development services matters more than anything else. PHP is the winner here if you want to know in one line. Hence, this is entirely open-source and free to utilize with no expense. Using ASP.NET requires a web hosting server charge, and to use it, you have to pay.

The price isn’t a big deal as there are some more facets you would like to be aware of. ASP.NET runs only Windows, but PHP functions on various platforms, including OSs, Linux, and Windows. Meet us at the best Mayora Infotech, the top-notch PHP Web Development Company in India to build robust web apps.

What is More Suitable for You

Comparing ASP.NET and PHP isn’t a piece of cake as both have their different benefits. You can choose one by measuring your project or business requirements, and here are some facets that will make it way easier to know which one will be suitable for you. Let’s drill down!

PHP is Best for-

  • Startups
  • Small Entrepreneurs
  • Small & Medium Websites
  • PoS Software
  • Beginner Level CRMs, and so on.

ASP.NET Can Fit To-

  • ERP Applications
  • All Enterprise-Level Web Apps and Websites
  • Other Enterprise-Level Web Applications
  • Heavy Traffic Websites
  • Internet

Final Thoughts

You might have become aware of the pros and cons of these two technologies and which one you should choose to work with. We have discussed everything essential to differentiate the positive and negative aspects of PHP and ASP.NET. If you lack information and want to know some more, visit our experts for the same. They will make you aware that you want to develop fully-functional web/mobile apps with ease and convenience.

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